Sarah’s personal journey into self discovery began at a young age and was influenced very strongly by her mother, who struggled to understand her own mental health and grief. As early as 17 years old, Sarah began to explore alternative medicines and found much success in her own pursuit of understanding herself and the world around her. She began exploring organizations such as MAPS ( Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), listened to as many lectures and read as many books as she could get her hands on these topics. She began her relationship with Ayahuasca in August 2013, after which her life took on a totally new meaning and huge transformation. She has since received training in MAPS harm reduction training, studied and cultivated deeper meditation practices, began co-facilitating ceremonies, obtained her license as massage therapist, and continues to further and broaden her education on personal transformation and healing through traumatic events, illness, and grief. She is a Reiki II practitioner, and has received training in Lymphatic Drainage and Neuromuscular Reprogramming . She is currently in the process of becoming certified in Craniosacral therapy and Somato Emotional Release. She is happy to serve and support the Two Birds community however she can!